We are opening the exhibition of the renovated ventilated facade

Reaton Architecture and Construction Centre opened the exhibition of the renovated ventilated facade with the participation of design, architecture and construction industry professionals. The purpose of the event was to introduce industry professionals to the current trends and technologies of ventilated building facades and their substructures, as well as to gain insight into existing and new offers.


As we know, ventilated facades are a popular and effective solution in the construction of building facades, which provide protection from environmental factors, while also being energy efficient and sustainable. This type of facade helps to minimise heat loss, thus reducing energy consumption and heating costs. Such facades also contribute to better heat retention in winter and cooling in summer, as well as improve the sound insulation of the building, by reducing the external noise and improving the indoor acoustic comfort. Compared to other types of facades, the maintenance costs of ventilated facades are lower.


The exhibition offers a wide range of different facade types and design options, including imitations and textures of different materials, such as wood, stone, concrete and brick, suitable for both modern and classical architecture. Reaton cooperates with well-known manufacturers in the industry and works with innovative solutions that allow the implementation of both simple and complex projects in Latvia and elsewhere.


One of the main topics of the event concerned solutions that allow one to improve the energy efficiency of the building, while ensuring an optimal internal microclimate in newly built projects, multi-apartment residential buildings and renovation projects of private houses. Different approaches were discussed from the point of view of products, as well as technical solutions, taking into account the risks, the economic situation and the trends, which could provide a better quality environment for living in the future.


Leading manufacturers participated in the event and shared the latest information about the solutions and products. Among the participants were companies such as the manufacturer of substructures EJOT, manufacturer of fibre cement facade panels ETEX GROUP/ETERNIT, manufacturer of non-standard metal solutions ALIVA and the Italian manufacturer of stone mass tiles CERAMICHE REFIN. Manufacturers represented by Reaton enriched the event with their presence and presentations, encouraging discussions about future opportunities and trends. The choice of different materials and their impact on the energy efficiency and sustainability of the building were discussed.

The event served as an excellent forum, where participants could exchange their views and experience, contributing to the development and innovation of the industry. The exhibition of the ventilated facade of Reaton Architecture and Construction Centre not only demonstrated the latest technological achievements but also promoted the cooperation of industry professionals and the exchange of innovation.

Anyone interested, who is willing to develop a building renovation, construction or insulation project, as well as to learn more about the types and advantages of ventilated facades and substructures, is welcome at Reaton Architecture and Construction Centre at the following address: Čiekurkalns 2. līnija 74, Riga.


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