“High-quality building facade determines the service length of the house. The installation of a high-quality ventilated facade will ensure the long life of the building.”

Ventilated facades are a modern solution for both new architectural objects and renovated old buildings. The variety of finishing materials provides wide opportunities for the implementation of the most daring ideas of architects and designers, as well as for achieving greater comfort.

Manufacturers we represent (large size panels): Imola Ceramica, EmilGroup, La Fabbrica (AVA Extraordinary Size), Technolam, Prodema, Kronospan, Eternit Baltic, KMEW, Santa Margherita, Rockpanel.

Large size panels

Large size panels

Large size panels allow the designer to use all their creative potential in creating unusual shapes and non-standard solutions. The large size allows one to avoid frequent seam lines, therefore the focus is put on the perception of a single facade composition.

We offer a wide selection of large size panels in various styles, colours and materials:

  • Fibre cement composites (Eternit Baltic, KMEW);
  • High pressure laminate HPL boards (Kronospan);
  • Suspended stone wool boards (Rockpanel);
  • Agglomerate panels (Santa Margherita);
  • Bakelite panels with plywood surface (Prodema);
  • Stoneware tiles (EmilGroup, Imola Ceramica, La Fabbrica (AVA Extraordinary Size), Technolam);
  • Glass panels.

Manufacturers we represent: Imola Ceramica, EmilGroup, La Fabbrica (AVA Extraordinary Size), Technolam, Prodema, Kronospan, Eternit Baltic, KMEW, Santa Margherita, Rockpanel.


Facade tiles

Facade tiles are one of the oldest materials used for finishing various types of building facades.

There are several types of tiles for facade decoration:

  • Ceramic finishing tiles with different textures allow one to effectively highlight the shapes of the building (Deustche Steinzeug Keramik, Ceramica Mayor, Favemanc).
  • Stoneware tiles give the building a traditional, classic style look with modern design elements and are sometimes an even more popular finish than natural stone (EmilGroup, Imola Ceramica, Ceramika Paradyz, Estima Ceramica, Lasselsberger group (RAKO)).

All types of tiles in the building finishing serve a long time and provide an excellent appearance of the building, even for several decades.

Manufacturers we represent: Deutsche Steinzeug Keramik, Ceramica Mayor, Favemanc, EmilGroup, Imola Ceramica, Ceramika Paradyz, Estima Ceramica.

Facade tiles
Natural stone

Natural stone

The durability of this finishing material has stood the test of time. Finishing with natural stone will give the building an authentic and elegant appearance, while the ventilated facade system will significantly reduce its weight, as well as will not affect the external aesthetics of the already created facade. We offer finishing for both public and private houses with natural stone: granite, marble, as well as other types of stone.

Manufacturers we represent:  Stonity.

We recommend technologically correct facade installation

Technologically correct installation of the facade is especially important in the long run, so that the building is not affected by mould, is able to carry additional weight, and so that all insulation works are carried out correctly. This is why we recommend entrusting the installation of ventilated facades to professionals, as only such installing will ensure that the facade lasts for at least 30 years.

We will help you choose the most suitable facade finishing materials and the corresponding load-bearing substructures.

We recommend technologically correct facade installation

Do you require the assistance of a designer or a technical solution for the project? Ask our specialists. Start with an individual consultation, during which our specialists will find out your wishes and needs in order to offer the most suitable solution for you.

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