Acoustic materials

Acoustic materials

“Maximise the use of your premises in a smart and modern way!”

Modern acoustic materials can provide a high level of soundproofing, as well as can easily, simply and quickly transform the room using sliding wall panel systems.

In order to provide a suitable atmosphere in the premises that correspond to the purpose of their use and to create an elegant interior, we offer acoustic finishing materials for walls and ceilings provided by the most famous manufacturers in the world.

The offer of Reaton includes several interior solutions, functional wall panels and sliding systems.

Manufacturers we represen: Texdecor, CBI Europe, Hunter Douglas, SWG group.

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Wall panels

Wall panels

We offer acoustic wall panels that will provide acoustic comfort in the house. Acoustic wall panels will reduce the sound that may enter the room from outside or the adjacent rooms. Such wall panel solutions are especially useful in apartments, as well as public spaces such as offices, meeting rooms, hotels, medical facilities, SPAs, and other customer service locations.

Manufacturer Texdecor offers a wide range of acoustic panel designs, textures and colour options, which will help you achieve the required functional result and create an original interior.

Catalogs of our represented manufacturers: Texdecor.



Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels have become an original alternative to traditional sliding doors, and their functionality ensures the more efficient use of the space. The product range includes simple door systems hidden in the wall, folding doors and partition wall systems. Acoustic wall panels can be adapted to your needs and the purposes of using the room, provide soundproofing, create an elegant decoration and individual interior solutions.

Catalogs of our represented manufacturers: Texdecor, CBI Europe, Hunter Douglas and Coswick.

Acoustic panels
Acoustic sliding walls

Acoustic sliding walls

Truly efficient room decoration has always been a challenge. It is possible to separate a large room into two smaller ones with the help of acoustic sliding walls that can be installed in different types of rooms. Their main advantages are the ability to divide or join the spaces whenever it is required, and high soundproofing, maintaining a modern and elegant look.

Catalogs of our represented manufacturers: SWG group and CBI Europe.

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