Suspended ceiling

Suspended ceiling

Reaton offers several types of suspended ceiling – mineral, metal, wood, fleece and fibrolite ceiling.

The suppliers we represent: Knauf AMFEcophon, CBI and Hunter Douglas.

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Mineral ceilings

Mineral ceilings

Mineral ceilings make the room brighter due to the capabilities of the reflective material and they provide several advantages:

  • quick installation,
  • wide selection of textures and colours,
  • soundproofing,
  • possibility to install them in different groups of premises: retail spaces, residential areas and premises with a high humidity level,
  • quick replacement of separate elements without changing the entire structure,
  • the ceiling room does not require finishing, and conveniently hides communications.

Catalogs of our represented suppliers: Knauf AMF and Ecophon.

Metal ceiling

All ceiling versions with metal parts have a special advantage – they are durable. They are ecological and fireproof. Perforated ceiling versions are also available, which promote air circulation and improve room ventilation.

Catalogs of our represented suppliers: CBI and Hunter Douglas.



Metal ceiling
Wooden ceiling

Wooden ceiling

The advantages of wooden ceilings are versatility, soundproofing and heat insulation. Versatility is present both in terms of design and the ability to create harmony in the room with different interior styles and elements.

Catalogs of our represented suppliers: CBI and Hunter Douglas.

Fleece ceiling

Modular fleece ceiling system with incredible soundproofing possibilities and a unique look. A design that delights both the eyes and the ears and the main value of which is sustainability. Suitable for various types of premises – corporate, retail, leisure, public, hospitality premises, in medical institutions, educational and residential buildings.

Catalog of our represented supplier: Hunter Douglas.


Fleece ceiling
Fibrolite ceiling

Fibrolite ceiling

Fibrolite sheets have gained popularity in the construction market in a short period of time due to several advantages:

  • environmentally friendly material that is safe for human health and does not emit harmful substances during its service life,
  • low thermal conductivity, which will help protect the room from heat loss,
  • soundproofing properties, no additional soundproofing materials have to be installed.

Catalog of our represented supplier: Knauf AMF.


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